miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Travel in Valencia

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Travel in Valencia | Hotel California Room at Hilux Hostels Valencia

Thought is provoked by conscious and unconscious impulses. You can limit your subconscious and can only be guided by experience. Reason determines itself but it also affects what opposes it. Doing everything to overcome passion, instinct and later finding yourself in an open sea in the eye of the storm. All the temptation to be all that one cannot be, all the strength to comprehend the incomprehensible and all the taste of consciousness of what one really is.

Travel in Valencia | Kyomei Room at Hilux Hostels Valencia

Japanese traditions are full of human values, calm, softness, light and purity – which is why I chose pure and simple materials and why the distribution of the light provides tranquility. When I was given this project, I immediately thought of Japanese influences as they form an important part of my life: in my work, in my home and in the aesthetic which feeds my imagination.

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Our warm and friendly staff (24 hs reception) will always have plenty of time for a chat in the cool and colourful lounge or offer you advice about the best info about restaurants, bars and diverse nightlife that Valencia has to offer.